Summer Semester Reflection

To begin the semester, we began by creating a WordPress website and messing around with the widgets within it. Moving into our first full week of Digital Storytelling we started to learn about visuals in storytelling. Within this unit we used programs such as Gimp, photoshop, Pixlr, and Canva in order to create assignments. Within… Continue reading Summer Semester Reflection

Rabil and the PLL Warning Poster

DS106 Assignment: Create A Warning Poster (2.5 Stars) Uh oh Paul, what’s going on here? You allowed sports betting into the PLL and now you are getting caught with rigging the games in order for the athletes to make money alongside their salary? I mean, very corrupt of you, but good thinking. I wish you… Continue reading Rabil and the PLL Warning Poster

PLL Player Pool Advertisement

DS106 Assignment: Five Frame Story (3.5 Stars) Once Paul Rabil and the PLL announced their new league, they found their target audience in order to grow the game of lacrosse. In order to grow the game, you have to target the younger generation. That is exactly what Paul Rabil did. He used bitmojis and easy… Continue reading PLL Player Pool Advertisement