Summary Post #5 – Week Four

Ahhhhh yes, week four- we made it! Just like that we are a month into summer classes, and almost reaching towards the end.

I just landed back home from being on a week long vacation soaking up some rays down on the gulf side of Florida. When I tell you it was so hard to be focused with school work, boy do I mean it. Checking my phone to see that the UV index is fluctuating between a 9 and a 12? All I wanted to do was sit out by the pool or beach and try to get as tan as possible. None the less, I found some motivation deep within me to get the work done that I needed so I could have more time to be with my friends while we were in Florida. While working on this assignment, it gave me a lot of time to reflect on the class and this assignment, and I would say by far, this was my favorite assignment that we have been assigned. Between not having as much work, to having a topic that really peaked my interest, it made it that much better and gave me that much more motivation to do.

I started off this assignment week with getting my Daily Creates done, and actually had my favorite daily create be from this week, which was my useless superpower, which was having the ability to fly while in an airplane.

Next, I actually ended up doing my video assignment before completing the Look. Listen. Analyze assignment, and the Reading Movies assignment.

However, I lucked out because I have a little bit of a background in video and was able to implement my own knowledge towards my video assignments without having the new knowledge yet from my reading and listening assignments for this week. My favorite assignment of the two video assignments that I completed, was the working out video I created.

Working out excites me, and so when I saw this assignment, I instantly knew I was going to make it a priority of mine to do it. Along with the assignment, I was.. well.. actually able to workout for it!

Being able to create a workout video for something that I am passionate about meant that I was completely aware and focused on what I was doing.

Looking back to how and what I could have changed within the week, would be how much I filmed for my two assignments. I feel like I could have done a better job at getting more footage as well as multiple angles to film from so that I could maximize the amount of effectiveness that is brings to the whole clip. I thought I did an excellent job this week at following guidelines with regards to the assignments and taking them as literal as possible while being as creative as I could. If I could do this week over again I would fix how much I put into my videos. My comments that I put on my peers work were all constructive criticism that was meant to motivate instead of drag them down. Instead of finding flaws within their work, I rewarded them with comments as to what I enjoyed or thought was effective within their work. Doing a 180, I implemented the comments I received last week from my work, and from there saw how the person who commented to me implement their criticism towards me, in their work for the week. Along with that I also tried my hardest to read the comments as early as I could in the week so that I would be able to implement this weeks comments from my beginning work, into work I was doing towards the end of the week.

Overall this was a great week for this class and despite being on vacation, turned out to be more productive than projected due to vacation. I enjoyed learning more about film and the techniques used within it to emphasize scenes and make the scene the most affective towards its viewers. I will definitely continue to dig more into researching film because after this week, it has given me a new perspective on how to analyze it.

Listed below are my assignments I have made for week four:

Daily Creates:

Useless Superpower: June 8th, 2021

Show Your Love For Pink!: June 9th, 2021

Reading Movies

Look. Listen. Analyze

Video Assignments:

  1. Point of View (5 Stars)
  2. Make A Workout Video! (4 Stars)

My comments on my peers work:

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