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DS106 Assignment: Make a Workout Video! (4 Stars)

In order to stay healthy, you need to work out! It does not really matter how you work out, as long as your heart rate increases while exercising! Whether you are hitting the gym to lift, walking or running on the treadmill, biking, hiking, or in my case, playing a sport, you just need to find something you love doing, and do it! In my case I picked lacrosse as my workout today because I just came back from vacation in Florida, where I did not have my equipment. I was super excited to be able to come home and play lacrosse finally because it is what I love doing the most. The weather in Virginia is not nearly as humid or hot as Florida, yet I found myself sweating pretty intensely after only a few minutes! Being able to play lacrosse just in my backyard is such a great opportunity because I have no excuse to not be able to!

In this workout, I chose to pass the ball with myself, as well as shooting. These are two very fundamental aspects of the sport, and implementing them as workout ultimately makes you a better player! I forgot to wear my Apple Watch which tracks how long my workouts are, my heart rate, and how many calories I burned, but I worked out for about two hours by playing lacrosse and burned around 1,470 calories while doing so!

Make A Workout Video Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Take videos and import into iMovie

Step 2: Once your video clips are in iMovie, clip and edit them so you have your intended video clips to make your movie

Step 3: Once you have you video clip cut to your preference, make an introduction slide describing your workout, and what you’re doing!

Step 4: Add music, in my case I download files from Youtube by using a Youtube video converter. Adjust your music to where you would like it to start, have any bass drops, and end

Step 5: Once you have your music imported, create more title slides to show, again, what you are doing, as well as some motivation! After all, this is a workout video

Step 6: Save and upload to Youtube!

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