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DS106 Assignment: Point of View (5 Stars)

Everyone goes to the grocery store. It’s a part of life. Without it, we would not have and therefore be able to live a sustainable life for very long. I just came back from my trip to Florida and I looked all around my house for food and drinks, and there just wasn’t anything I wanted. All I had were some fruits and vegetables, and to me that is not enough. So I decided to go to the grocery store to go get more food. I made my way down the street to my local Giant and to my surprise, we weren’t required to wear masks if we were vaccinated for the COVID-19 disease. Since I was, I didn’t wear a mask, which was such a relief because when I was in Florida, I didn’t wear one at all. I went into the store and it was actually pretty crowded. A lot of people were there picking up cakes for graduation, hot dog and hamburger buns, as well as hot dogs and patty’s for bbq’s. It was nice to see a lot of people out and about doing things because every time I go to this Giant, there is no one there. I did my own thing and walked around to see what they had, and truthfully, I did not find much that I wanted. I found some seltzer waters that I like, so I bought a few of those, I bought some Dunkin’ Donuts cereal which hopefully is good, and I bought avocado to put on my sandwiches and salads for the week. It was a quick trip to the grocery store, but like I said, I needed to go or else I would have starved myself because I didn’t have a lot of food at home!

Point of View Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Drive to your local grocery store that you are using for this video

Step 2: Walk around the store with your phone at just above chest height. This givers perspective to the viewer to see the video through your eyes, in your POV. Once all your video have been collected, go home and open up iMovie

Step 3: Once you open up iMovie, import all your videos into you project, and organize them in the order you want

Step 4: Insert title and credit slides

Step 5: Upload video to Youtube


  1. Kevin, I enjoyed your POV video of you grocery shopping. I was going to do this assignment, but I couldn’t get over how awkward it would have been to walk around the grocery store and recording. Lucky for you it doesn’t look like it was awkward and people weren’t staring at you.
    A tip I have for you in the future is turn your phone sideways when you record, so you don’t get those black bars on the side of your video. Other then that great job creating a video that supported your story. Sorry, you didn’t find all the food you wanted though. Better luck next time.

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