Summary Post #6 – Final Week

And just like that we’re done! This summer semester has flown by and it doesn’t feel like it should be over yet. I feel like I just started learning new concepts within Digital Storytelling, and I’m not ready to stop! This semester of the class has been exceptional, and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I thought before this class started, that I had a good understanding as to what Digital Storytelling was, but I was completely wrong. This semester I learned a whole lot more that I knew before of.. Well.. Digital Storytelling!

But for real, I did learn a lot more than I expected to in regards to visual, audio, design, and video techniques throughout the semester that will help me see these from different perspectives as I continue on with my digital storytelling outside of the classroom. My favorite unit in the class by far was the video unit because I have always been passionate about making videos, and I found this unit the most engaging and easy to grasp on the information that we learned about. In the other side, I would say that the hardest unit we learned in my opinion, was the audio unit. Something about it just did not make sense to me and I still cannot figure out what it was that I couldn’t get my mind around. I really just found myself spaced out in this unit trying to understand what we were learning about, but couldn’t fully come full circle as to what we were doing. My last two brain cells were dancing through this unit.

This semester has brought a lot of reflection with it. A lot of ups but also a lot of downs, and I am still processing everything. If I could give myself one piece of advice looking back to the beginning of the semester, I would tell my past self to do every single reading assignment and watch every week summary all the way through before before starting any of the weekly assignments. The weekly video and readings were more helpful than I thought they would’ve been, and I found myself having more success after reading and watching the weekly videos. That is the one thing I would tell myself to do if I were to take this class over again. However, I am wrapping up the class and cannot tell myself to do that. Knowing me and how I work in school, one logical thing I should have done from week to week from the beginning of the semester was to read the entire assignment post from start to finish before I started so I could have the a full understanding of what the assignments mean to me.

My favorite project in this class was definitely the final project. The reason I liked this project so much was because we had full range to create our own stories, but also we got to showcase what we learned throughout the entire course. I chose to use design, video, and visual assignments in my final project to showcase my understanding for the subjects, and absolutely loved being able to make up my own story and twist it the way I wanted to. The assignment was very straightforward, but I think I made it a little more difficult than it should have been. If I could redo this project, I would have decreased the amount of assignment I created my story with, and increased the difficulty of the assignments so it would have been less work to move between assignments.

Overall, this class was such a fun experience because I was able to go outside of my comfort zone to perform on assignments that I would have never thought I would ever do.

Listed below are my assignments I have made for week five:

Final Project: Rabil’s Adventure to the PLL

Semester Reflection

Tutorials for my final project are listed below in sequential order:

Sports Poster (5 Stars)

Sports Highlights (4 Stars)

Five Frame Story (3.5 Stars)

Sports Mashup (3 Stars)

Highlight Reels (2 Stars)

Create A Warning Poster (2.5 Stars)

Sports Poster (5 Stars)

Total: 25 Stars

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