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DS106 Assignment: Sports Mashup (3 Stars)

As the advertisement in the league began to pick up, the traction of fans who transitioned from the MLL to the PLL grew exponentially on a daily basis. More fans, more games, and in locations where you wouldn’t expect lacrosse to be at, they had it all. Everything within the league was so flashy and it made everyone want more. Rabil knew exactly what he was doing, how to market it, and when to market it. He had the perfect plan all along. Creating your own professional sports league is hard in itself, let alone completely taking away the former professional league for the sport. Rabil grew his success through his entrepreneurship, and it shows.

Sports Mashup Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Open Youtube, iMovie, and a converter

Step 2: Download clips from Youtube and put into iMovie along with an introduction title to let your viewers know what the video is about

Step 3: Cut and organize your clips to your liking

Step 4: Add music and outro titles, download, and upload to Youtube

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