Paul Rabil Highlight Reel

DS106 Assignment: Highlight Reels (2 Stars)

The older you get in sports, the more you begin to slow down. But Rabil doesn’t slow down. He’s the GOAT. He is an inspiration to the youth of the lacrosse and those who grew up and are growing up watching him. Between his advice on the field to the life and nutrition lessons he gives off the field, it is pretty understandable as to why he is a role model. Rabil has found a way to continue the sport he loves by taking care of his bodt and treating recovery very seriously. So, does this help? Does nutrition and recovery play a pivotal role in how good you are in a sport and to increase the longevity of it? My video of Rabil in the PLL shows you just that and should answer that question.

Highlight Reels Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Open Youtube, iMovie and a Youtube converter

Step 2: Download your files from Youtube and the converter and import into iMovie

Step 3: Chop, cut and move your clips around until you have them where you want. Include music as well

Step 4: Add outro titles at the end and add a transition to fade to black. Next upload to Youtube

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