Rabil and the PLL Warning Poster

DS106 Assignment: Create A Warning Poster (2.5 Stars)

Uh oh Paul, what’s going on here? You allowed sports betting into the PLL and now you are getting caught with rigging the games in order for the athletes to make money alongside their salary? I mean, very corrupt of you, but good thinking. I wish you would’ve told me about it considering how far back we go! What a shame. I would be a millionaire with you Paul. How could you! I will say though, it is very clever of you to do this especially with how big sports betting has become. I give you kudos for this honestly. But now what? What will the league turn into? Can I take over?

Create A Warning Poster Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Open Pixlr

Step 2: Find image you want to work with

Step 3: Upload picture onto Pixlr

Step 4: Add your text wherever you would like to create your headline and story

Step 5: Add giant “X” in red over face to depict negative connotation as to what is happening in the picture

Step 6: Save, download and upload

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