The End of the PLL

DS106 Assignment: Sports Poster (5 Stars)

All this time I thought Paul was a good guy, but I guess not. I mean, how did this even happen? I have known Paul for about 15 years and I never would have thought of him as this type of person. I am very disappointed in this being Paul told me I would one day take over the league when he didn’t want to anymore, and now, because of his actions I am no longer able to. Whatever happens in the future, I hope he turns out okay and reflects on his action from what has happened.

Sports Poster Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Open Pixlr

Step 2: Find image you would like to use for your poster

Step 3: Import image into Pixlr

Step 4: Any cosmetic ware that you want to have done, do it to your liking. In my case I added color elements

Step 5 (Optional): Add more element layers to increase its effect

Step 6: Add your text to tell the story you are portraying and any photo attachments to enhance it (I included a “breaking news” sign)

Step 7: Save, download, and upload

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