Summer Semester Reflection

To begin the semester, we began by creating a WordPress website and messing around with the widgets within it. Moving into our first full week of Digital Storytelling we started to learn about visuals in storytelling. Within this unit we used programs such as Gimp, photoshop, Pixlr, and Canva in order to create assignments. Within this unit I learned to incorporate techniques of visuality in order to draw attention and alter original pictures to give them different meanings. Another skill I learned in this unit was how to use program such as Gimp and Pixlr. Gimp was an alright program to use, but there were too many widgets and extensions within it that it just cluttered my projects. It had well more than what I needed. I used photoshop in high school so I was familiar with that layout, but I already used my free trial for it in the past so I tasked myself with finding a program that worked as a more simplified version of photoshop. I stumbled across Pixlr and instantly fell in love with it. Pixlr was such an easy tool to use, hence why I used it so much throughout the class. It was very easy to navigate as well as import photos and start new projects while working on others too.

The next week of the course focused on design. This was one of my more exciting units in my opinion. Between the creativity of the assignments and the GIF assignments we were given, it made it such a fun unit. Throughout this unit I learned how to use Giphy, which is a GIF generator, in order to complete my GIF assignments which I loved. Next were the unit assignments, and these were my favorite to do overall, all semester long. The assignment in the assignment bank were so random and there was no lack of creativity throughout each assignment. This unit took a while to complete but it was well worth the trial and error I had throughout the unit. The project I found myself most invested in was the movie poster project in which I used Pixlr to complete the assignment.

There was a lot of trial and error throughout the assignment, but it ended up being one of my favorites to work on.

Our next week focused on visual assignments, and let me tell you. These were not easy for me, nor do I think I met my own expectations to complete them to the best of my abilities. I struggled with this unit, but it was a very hands on unit. Especially the Moon Graffiti assignment we completed. I felt as if I was in space with Neill and Buzz on their same mission. I learned the techniques of perspective within audio and how certain tone, length, and space of audio is used to make it more effective.

After the week of audio, we moved into video, which was my favorite unit by far. I have always had a liking for making videos, and this unit only made me like it more. Between the techniques of film angles, to the meaning behind how certain scenes are filmed, it gave me a completely new perspective as to how I will film videos in the future to make them more effective. I didn’t realize how much went into filming until this unit, and I completely understand now as to why there are so many techniques within filming. It’s to make a scene as effective as possible, and potentially tell another story within a scene without physically having to go off script. The possibilities are endless when it come to effectiveness in film, and I will take what I learned from this unit and demonstrate it in the future, even outside of this class.

Lastly was our final project unit, which really wasn’t a unit. This was the most fun week out of them all because we had the freedom to showcase everything we have learned in each unit and put it into one final project and tell a story using what we’ve learned. This was by far the most hands on unit we have had, but all the most freedom we really had had with any project which I enjoyed a lot!

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