Welcome to my visual assignment gallery! I chose my home to take my pictures for my gallery because I have a very interesting house that has many items in it that are unusual and could be used to complete this assignment. I also picked my home because it was the closest thing to me. The experience for this gallery was very fun. Only having around 15 minutes to complete it was a hard task, but ultimately I was able to get it done. It was fun having a time limit for this project because it made you think on the spot and get creative with the images and how to pick them. The picture that I believe was the most inventive was the “repeating pattern” photo. I was not sure what to do for that particular picture, but I had a stack of books laying around, and saw the repeating pattern of lines throughout the picture. This was a fun and interactive assignment to complete, and given how much we are already on our phones and taking pictures, it was not too hard of a task to complete.

I picked my house to do this assignment because like I said, there are a lot of items in my house that I could use to do this assignment (thanks mom and dad). Below in my gallery, you will find my images in order of instruction as follows: taking a picture with the start time, single color, interesting shadow, futuristic, unusual angle, someone’s shoe, bright light, converging lines, making an inanimate object look alive, repeating pattern, two objects that do not go together, an image through a frame or object, object in motion, one that represents joy, a metaphor of complexity, a photo that makes someone ask “is this a photo?”, and last, clocking out.

This assignment created challenge, but in the end turned out to be just fine, and actually pretty fun. I really had to think of ways to incorporate what I learned from my readings and videos in order to successfully complete this assignment. I would love to do another project like this, and recommend this type of project to someone who wants a challenge, or for someone going on an adventure, to take our photo list and see how many of these they can take while they are out and about doing stuff.